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We provide​ detailed budget analysis,

We provide​ project design help for all projects, and We Provide development, coordination, scheduling and setting preliminary timelines to keep your project on track.

We are a  design/build Company that unites Atlanta’s neighborhoods with our timeless craftsmanship. We believe that careful planning and diligent execution can bring you a new home and create a beautiful space for you and your family.

We are Atlanta, GA’s leading remodel contractor. We are passionate about in-town living and transform homes with time-tested craftsmanship, as well as the latest tools, techniques, ideas and materials.

Choosing Stuart means choosing the team that sticks to the plan. We handle every aspect of the construction process in-house, from planning and design, and permits and zoning, to construction and certificate of occupancy. Ready to transform your home? We will guide you through every step to achieve a correct and beautiful execution of your project.



Construction Services
Pre construction
Post-Construction Services

We provide full-service field management and project management services on a cost-plus or lump sum basis,

We provide Planning and project management, and

We provide Prequalification processes for designers, and subcontractors and anyone who works on your project.

 We provide full-service warranty and back-end services to keep purchasers comfortable and to ensure that they are receiving the highest service in the industry. We know you are going to be a customer for life.

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